• Lethbridge Branch Site Tour | Agri-food Hub & Trade Centre

    Join us to receive a site tour and get a sneak peak of the new Agri-food Hub & Trade Centre.

  • Fort McMurray Branch | Golf Tournament

    Retreat for a day with us! The APEGA Fort McMurray Branch is pleased to announce our 2023 golf tournament will be held at the Vista Ridge Golf Course in Fort McMurray. All golfing skill levels are welcome to come out to play and network in our fun tournament!

  • Webinar | Is Canadian Oil Really Dirty?!

    This workshop will help you understand the importance of alternatives and mitigation methods to boost the quality and marketability of oilsands products.

  • Central Alberta Branch | Golf Tournament

    Join the Central Alberta Branch for their annual golf tournament. Enjoy 18 holes of golf, a steak dinner, door prizes, and a great day of networking. All golfing skill levels are welcome to play in our fun Texas Scramble format tournament.

  • Webinar | Interview Preparation: How to Effectively Convey Your Value

    Join Clementine Crooks, MA, BA, CPHR, on behalf of the Resume Restoration team, as she provides tips, tricks, and takeaways that will lead to success in interviews.

  • Webinar | #SafeSocial: Social Media’s Impact on Mental Health

    In this session, Bailey Parnell will draw from research and exclusive experience to illustrate the current social media landscape as it relates to mental well-being, explain the effects it has on us every day, and provide five steps towards #SafeSocial.

  • Webinar | Solar, Generators, or Hybrid? Off-Grid Power for Sites

    For sites with no grid power, you will need to consider power reliability, affordability, and emissions to evaluate your power options. Join this session to consider how solar and battery, generators, or hybrid solutions compare on these criteria. Brought to you by the Calgary Branch. Everyone is welcome to attend.

  • Webinar | Overview on Property and Auto Group Insurance

    Join the session to get tips from our insurance partner, The Personal Insurance, on how to save on premiums.

  • Webinar | Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Mental Health

    Join this session to learn the concepts of computational psychiatry and precision medicine in mental health, as well as Dr. Cao's motivation to develop translational tools that can provide accurate and personalized diagnosis and treatment optimization for mental disorders.

  • Webinar | How to Safeguard Your Mental Health from Social Media

    Join us as we explore the connections between social media usage and mental health, shedding light on its potential benefits and drawbacks.

  • Webinar | Digital Signatures

    In this session, you will discover the diverse types of digital signatures and how they can be used to sign distinct types of documents as a person, a professional, a department, or an organization.

  • Negotiating Your Value and Importance Even If You Are Shy

    This webinar focuses on strategies to be noticed and have your voice heard in a way that will advance rather than disadvantage your career growth. Brought to you by the Fort McMurray Branch. Everyone is welcome to attend.

  • Understanding Resistance and Commitment in Project Management

    In this session, Dr. Marie Gervais will teach participants useful resistance scripts and commitment measurement strategies they can use right away.

  • Central Alberta Branch Tour | Dickson Dam and Liberty Power Generating Station

    Join the Central Alberta Branch for a free tour of the Dickson Dam and Liberty Power generating station which promises to be a unique opportunity to tour a feat of engineering located only a short drive from the city of Red Deer and gain knowledge of a green energy site located in Central Alberta. Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot today!

  • Medicine Hat Branch PD Day | Technology Out of the Hat

    Join us for the Medicine Hat Branch's "Technology Out of the Hat" event. Sponsored by APEX Southeast Alberta, it will be a full interactive professional development day featuring presentations, informative displays, and innovative ideas.

  • Webinar | Dealing with Difficult People

    This workshop will help you learn tips, tools, and techniques that increase your confidence in tackling difficult conversations and working with people we find challenging.

  • Webinar | The ABCs of Digital Signatures: Everything You Wanted to Know from Adobe to Bluebeam to ConsignO Desktop

    This advanced session is designed for digital signature subscribers who have installed the required software elements, have a digital signature activated, and are looking to begin using ConsignO Desktop to view, prepare, and sign electronic records.

  • Webinar | Permit to Practice

    This three-hour webinar will focus on APEGA’s expectations for permit holders and Responsible Members.

  • Calgary Branch Luncheon | Break Barriers by Discovering Your Inner Limits

    The biggest obstacles we face are the inner "saboteurs" that reside within our own minds. Join us at this luncheon to boost your inner strength and resilience and meet some peers in the process—let’s shatter those barriers together!

  • Webinar | Mastering Magnetism

    You will learn the art and science of charisma and influence, which you can use to create positive outcomes.