• Webinar | Circular Communities

    This session will present research being done by the Recycling Council of Alberta on circular communities and how practical and implementable initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will be chosen for Alberta.

  • Webinar | Introduction to AI Micro Credentials

    Learn about AI and automation in many industries and their social impact, see demos on how quickly AI integrates into daily life applications, and receive an introduction to an AI program tailored by RoboGarden for APEGA members.

  • Calgary Branch Social Event: Bottlescrew Bill's Pub

    APEGA Calgary Branch invites you to a social event at Bottlescrew Bill's Pub. Meet and connect with colleagues and APEGA members in a casual, informal setting.

  • In Person | Constructive Conflict Management

    This session will include information relating to how our individual perceptions, assumptions, and mindset affect our thoughts, behaviours, attitudes, and ultimately the outcome of our personal interactions.

  • In Person | Tactical Empathy

    , Edmonton, AB T5J 4A2

    In this session, Erin Thorp, speaker and author of Inside Out Empathy, will explore the challenges leaders face when practising empathy. Erin will highlight the most common empathy misses and provide attendees with a toolkit of empathy practices they can implement immediately.

  • Summit Awards Gala 2023

    Come together virtually and give these professionals a round of applause while enjoying live entertainment. This event is free to attend, so register today (or before April 27) and celebrate some of the trailblazers of our time.

  • Annual General Meeting 2023

    We invite you to attend APEGA's virtual annual general meeting, where issues important to the engineering and geoscience professions in Alberta will be discussed.

  • Webinar | Smoke Design and Principles

    The purpose and intent of this session is to outline the fundamental principles of smoke-control design and subsequent integration of systems within the built environment.

  • Webinar | The Art of the Cover Letter

    Join Clementine Crooks, MA, BA, CPHR, on behalf of the Resume Restoration team as she provides tips, tricks, and tools to help you submit a standout letter that will get you noticed.

  • Webinar | Risk Management

    This practical one-day workshop introduces participants to the concepts, principals, processes, and application of risk management to an engineering construction project. This workshop will explain the tools and techniques that will aid participants in the implementation of the above practices.

  • Fort McMurray Branch Webinar | Economic Future of Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

    Join the APEGA Fort McMurray Branch to learn about the economic future of the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Brought to you by the APEGA Fort McMurray Branch. Everyone is welcome to attend.

  • Webinar | Digital Signatures

    In this session, you will discover the diverse types of digital signatures and how they can be used to sign distinct types of documents as a person, a professional, a department, or an organization.

  • Webinar | Permit to Practice

    This three-hour webinar will focus on APEGA’s expectations for permit holders and Responsible Members.

  • Calgary Branch PD Evening | The No-Code/Low-Code Revolution

    In this session, you will learn about the various technological shifts that have occurred in recent years to give rise to the no-code/low-code movement and why those who learn no-code are best positioned to take advantage of new building blocks like generative AI.

  • Webinar | Listening to Understand: How to Be a Good Listener

    How to Be a Good Listener is for anyone who is interested in learning the value of effective listening skills, what some of the attributes of good listeners are, and how active listening skills can be used to listen to understand, instead of listening to respond.

  • Central Alberta Branch Tour | Supporting Women in the Professions: Wild Brewing Co. Tour and Tasting

    Learn how kombucha is made and taste the flavours offered at Wild Brewing Co. The tour and tasting will be followed by time to connect with members who support women in the professions.

  • Webinar | Corporate Tax Strategies: Maximizing Your Bottom Line

    In this presentation, we will discuss some of the most effective tax-saving techniques for consultants, including incorporating, income splitting, and taking advantage of deductible expenses.

  • Webinar | Let's Get Talking Again: Helping Leaders Lead Through Communication

    Are we losing the ability to have the valuable conversations needed to move organizations forward? Communications expert Grant Ainsley’s presentation helps leaders become better communicators and shows them how their teams can communicate better, too.

  • Edmonton Branch Webinar | Five Pillars of Decarbonization

    Join the APEGA Edmonton Branch to learn about pathways for decarbonizing the economy and industry. Everyone is welcome to attend.

  • Webinar | The ABCs of Digital Signatures: Everything You Wanted to Know from Adobe to Bluebeam to ConsignO Desktop

    This advanced session is designed for digital signature subscribers who have installed the required software elements, have a digital signature activated, and are looking to begin using ConsignO Desktop to view, prepare, and sign electronic records.