Submitting Complaints Against Members or Permit Holders

APEGA must investigate all written complaints against APEGA members and permit holders. Members include professional members, licensees, certificate holders, and members-in-training.

Before submitting a complaint, you must confirm that the person or company is licensed by APEGA.

If the person or company is not licensed but is offering engineering and/or geoscience services, please follow our compliance process to submit a complaint.

Requirements & Limitations

Please be aware of the following requirements and limitations before submitting a complaint.

  • The Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act prevents APEGA from investigating anonymous complaints.
  • The person making the complaint may be interviewed and may have to testify at a discipline hearing.
  • APEGA can only investigate complaints of unskilled practice and unprofessional conduct.
  • APEGA can investigate a member’s conduct within two years of his or her resignation from APEGA.
  • Complaints can be submitted by APEGA members and the public.
  • Privacy and personal information are respected as per the Personal Information Protection Act.
  • APEGA will share the written complaint, accompanying documents, and name of the person making the complaint with all involved parties, including the member or permit Holder under investigation. Parts of the complaint may be shared with others, such as:
    • legal counsel
    • permit holders
    • people interviewed for the investigation

Submission Process

For APEGA to investigate your complaint, you must do all of the following:

  • submit your complaint in writing (electronic or paper)—we cannot accept verbal complaints
  • clearly describe the nature of the complaint
  • name the member or permit holder
  • include your full name and contact information

Email your complaint and supporting evidence to [email protected] or send to APEGA’s Edmonton office attention Investigations Department.