Time to update your PPMP

The Professional Practice Management Plan (PPMP) practice standard is now in effect, with enforcement starting May 1, 2023.


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  • Standards, Bulletins, and Guidelines

    APEGA's practice standards, bulletins, and guidelines explain the roles and responsibilities of professional members.
  • Relying on the Work of Others and Outsourcing

    Enforceable as of May 1, 2022, this practice standard details the requirements APEGA-licensed professionals and permit holders must comply with when outsourcing and relying on professional services provided by others.
  • Professional Practice Management Plan (PPMP)

    Effective May 1, 2022, this practice standard outlines the required parts of an APEGA permit holder's PPMP. A one-year transition period has been granted for permit holders to make the necessary changes.
  • Continuing Professional Development

    This mandatory program ensures the health, safety, and welfare of the public by requiring that professionals engage in lifelong learning on an annual basis.
  • Good Standing

    Learn about APEGA's criteria for determining whether members and permit holders are considered in good standing.
  • Discipline Decisions & Orders

    This section includes the last five years of discipline decisions and recommended discipline orders.



  • Webinar | Integrated Project Delivery 101

    Learn the basics of integrated project delivery (IPD) and understand how you can get more involved in this very successful and enjoyable delivery model. This webinar will go over the fundamentals of IPD and how is it different from traditional procurement models. Brought to you by the Edmonton Branch. Everyone is welcome to attend.

  • Webinar | Permit to Practice

    The three-hour webinar will focus on APEGA’s expectations for permit holders and Responsible Members.

  • President's Visit | Calgary Branch

    Connect with APEGA's 103rd President, Lisa Doig, P.Eng., during her President's Visits.

  • Webinar | Transforming Capital Project Execution with Lean and Integrated Project Delivery

    In this webinar, Jayne Nichols, P.Eng., LBC, and Anand Nicodemus, P.Eng., from Fluor, will discuss the motivation for applying lean methods and integrated project delivery (IPD), define the paradigm shift, and describe the characteristics of lean and IPD with real examples. Brought to you by the Calgary Branch. Everyone is welcome to attend.

  • President's Visit | Medicine Hat Branch

    Connect with APEGA's 103rd President, Lisa Doig, during her President's Visits.