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  • Discipline Decisions & Orders

    This section includes the last five years of discipline decisions and recommended discipline orders.
  • Standards, Bulletins, and Guidelines

    APEGA's practice standards, bulletins, and guidelines explain the roles and responsibilities of professional members.
  • APEGA Annual Report

    Each spring, prior to the annual general meeting, APEGA produces a report of its activities, statistics, and finances, which it submits to the Government of Alberta.
  • Professional Practice Management Plan (PPMP)

    Enforceable as of May 1, 2023, this practice standard outlines the required parts of an APEGA permit holder's PPMP.
  • Continuing Professional Development

    This mandatory program ensures the health, safety, and welfare of the public by requiring that professionals engage in lifelong learning on an annual basis.
  • Good Standing

    Learn about APEGA's criteria for determining whether members and permit holders are considered in good standing.



  • APEGA logo

    APEGA Council Approves 2024 Registrant and Permit Holder Dues Increase

    To maintain our ability to be a strong regulator and in response to the unpredictable economic climate, APEGA Council has made the difficult decision to increase registrant and permit holder dues for a second year, effective July 2024.
  • Image showing the covers of the drafts CPD standard and PACE guideline

    APEGA Is Updating the CPD Program

    In 2025, APEGA’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program for all licensed professionals will be changing. The new annual CPD requirements will be more relevant to each individual while ensuring the sustainability of the professions into the future.