Practice Reviews

As approved by Council, the Practice Review Board (PRB) proactively reviews the practices of professional members and permit holders. If unprofessional conduct or unskilled practice is discovered by the PRB, it may refer the matter to the Investigative Committee, which will conduct a detailed investigation against the member or permit holder. 

If a review finds that a permit holder or professional member is not following the required standards of practice, the permit or licence may be cancelled, the permit holder or member may be fined, and the results of the review may be published on the APEGA website.

Types of Reviews 

In addition to the below, practice reviews may also be triggered by public incidents that have an engineering or geoscience component.


The PRB may review a member to confirm that the member is practising the professions competently and professionally. 

For example, a practice review may check 

A practice review may also be necessary when a member wants to resume practice or be reinstated after the licence had expired or been cancelled. The PRB reviews if the required standard of practice changed while the member was not practising before the member is allowed to resume professional practice.

Permit Holders

The PRB may review a permit holder to confirm it has a Professional Practice Management Plan that is appropriate to its professional practice and that the permit holder is following the plan.