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Science Olympics

The APEGA Science Olympics is an interactive, inter-school science competition that allows students to see first-hand how science affects our everyday lives.

The events are organized by work groups comprised of APEGA Professional Engineers, and APEGA Professional Geoscientists, and area teachers who are experienced with the Alberta education science curriculum.

Events are team-focused and follow the Alberta school curriculum. Students are given a series of applications or problem-solving challenges that demonstrate the fun side of exploring science concepts. Students cover many areas of scientific study, while learning to work and interact within a group. They use their creative thinking to develop innovative solutions to engineering and geoscience problems.

All of the 2017 Science Olympics events have completed for this school year. Check back in the fall for next year's events!


The judging of events has shifted from teams competing against each other to trying to reach a score within a set range. This may result in multiple teams receiving gold, silver, or bronze recognition.


An APEGA Member will be taking photographs of teams and activities during the APEGA Science Olympics. These images are collected for use in promoting science and technology events, and they may be made public by means of printed or electronic publication. Individuals’ names will not be published; only school names may be published if applicable.

Additional Details

  • The only people allowed in the challenge area at any time are students and judges.
  • Spectators are welcome! Bring someone to watch and cheer for your team.

LEGO Trophy Instructions

Award winners in the Edmonton and Calgary Science Olympics were given small LEGO trophies that they could build themselves.

Download the Trophy Construction Guide