Ethics Workshop & Luncheon | APEGA

Ethics Workshop & Luncheon

APEGA wants to help you achieve a rewarding engineering or geoscience career. Twice a year, we offer an ethics workshop and luncheon that is held before the Iron and Earth Ring ceremonies. The workshop is available to graduating students from the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, and Mount Royal University.

At the ethics workshop and luncheon you will: 

  • meet practising Professional Members of APEGA
  • discuss some of the registration, compliance, ethics, and investigative issues faced by Professional Engineers and Professional Geoscientists  
  • apply as a Member-in-Training with APEGA 
  • receive substantial savings as application fees and first-year dues are waived for students attending the ethics workshop
  • enjoy a delicious meal and inspirational words from the guest speaker
  • The Iron and Earth ring ceremonies follow the luncheon 

Students are notified by their educational institutions when they are eligible to attend the ethics workshop and luncheon and lron and Earth Ring ceremonies.

APEGA does not govern the Iron Ring or Earth Ring ceremonies. These are administered entirely by the Corporation of Seven Wardens and the Earth Stewards, respectively, which are separate entities from APEGA.