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Webinar | Enhancing Asset Management Awareness

09 Jul 2024
Register by July 8, 2024

In today's dynamic and competitive business environment, effective asset management is paramount for organizations to thrive and succeed. This presentation aims to shed light on the importance of asset management and provide an overview of the fundamentals towards optimizing asset utilization, life-cycle management, and delivering business value. The session will begin by exploring the foundational concepts of asset management emphasizing its significance in achieving strategic business objectives. The session will address value creation while balancing costs, risk management, and asset performance within asset management practices. It will highlight the evolving landscape of asset management and recent developments. Lastly, the presentation will emphasize the role of organizational culture and employee engagement in fostering a proactive asset management mindset. Overall, this presentation aims to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to cultivate a culture of asset management excellence within their organizations, ultimately driving long-term sustainability and competitive advantage.

Learning objectives

  • What is asset management (AM)?
  • How AM contributes to achieving strategic organizational goals and objectives.
  • Concepts of AM value creation.
  • Importance of culture.

This session will be held through ON24.

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About the Speaker

Susan LubellSusan Lubell, P.Eng., MBA, MMP, CAMA, is the principal consultant at Steppe Consulting Inc. and author of Root Cause Analysis Made Simple: Driving Bottom Line Improvements by Preventing One Failure at a Time. She specializes in asset management (AM) and reliability strategy, cost-effective maintenance programs, and operational excellence. Susan brings more than 25 years of progressive leadership experience to implement AM business decisions and improvement opportunities in asset-intensive energy production companies. Susan is also one of the dedicated members of PEMAC Asset Management Association of Canada and Word Partners in Asset Management, having held numerous director and executive positions.

  • Speaker:
    Susan Lubell, P.Eng., MBA, MMP, CAMA
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    July 8, 2024