APEGA Nexus Conference—A Bridge Across Alberta

When building a bridge to connect land on either side of a chasm, one must consider multiple factors—the bridge must be supportive and strong enough to incur a high volume of traffic. It must also be flexible to withstand any forces, such as wind and earthquakes, working against it.

APEGA Nexus will build a sturdy yet flexible bridge on June 9-10, virtually connecting engineering and geoscience professionals across Alberta.

A structure to support your learning

The structural support of the conference—the app you'll be directed to download in your registration email—will act as your virtual wayfarer, providing links to sessions, keynote presentations, networking rooms, trade show booths, and poster sessions.

“The app, CrowdCompass, is the gateway to the conference. Using the app, attendees can create their own schedules and connect to platforms housing content. It places all the valuable information at the attendees’ fingertips,” explains Janelle Beblow, APEGA’s professional development officer.

The app will also host a chat function encouraging communication between fellow engineers, geoscientists, and other guests. Attendees can fill out a profile to share their background and expertise

Flexible enough to sway with your interests

Here’s where the flexibility comes in—attendees choose their sessions on the day of the conference, so they’re not locked into a session they chose months ago. 

In each time slot, attendees choose a session from one of five streams: building better technical competence, building better members, building better careers, building better business knowledge, or building a more diverse profession. 

Poster sessions such as Improvements in Energy Efficient Masonry Assemblies, and Reducing Pneumatic Methane Emissions for Off-Grid Instrumentation and Controls can be viewed at any time.

“We have outstanding speakers, which increases the value of the sessions for attendees. Since the conference is adaptable to individual needs and time constraints, time between sessions will be well spent networking or checking out the trade show booths and poster presentations.”

APEGA staff will host networking rooms to answer questions on mentoring, professional practice, legislative review, volunteer management, member benefits, registration, enforcement, and investigations. These experts will provide a forum for attendees to learn about their responsibilities as professional engineers and geoscientists along with the role APEGA plays in their careers.

Attendees also have the flexibility to move in and out of other themed networking rooms—Experiences of Internationally Trained Professionals, New Technologies, and Mining and Materials are just three of the options—at their leisure, based on the topics they’re interested in. And as Janelle Beblow explains, since you can attend from the comfort of your own home: “You don’t have to wear a tie, and no one will ever know if you’re business on the top and pajamas on the bottom!” 

Join the 500 attendees already registered and use the Nexus Conference bridge to connect to other professionals across Alberta!

Register to attend APEGA’s Nexus Conference and learn more about the speakers, sessions, and networking opportunities.

Visit apeganexus.ca


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