You Won’t Need a Superconductor to Connect at APEGA Nexus

Our first-ever virtual professional development conference, APEGA Nexus, runs June 9-10 and features two keynote presentations on diversity and innovation. The conference offers session streams focused on building better: your career, technical competence, and business knowledge. Sessions will also help foster diversity in the professions and build you into a better APEGA member!

Attend and take advantage of top-notch networking opportunities, such as themed networking rooms, and learn at your leisure by exploring the virtual trade show and poster showcase.

Janelle Beblow, APEGA’s professional development officer, explains this year’s virtual networking rooms provide attendees with an accessible way to connect and share knowledge with like-minded people. The virtual platform means the crowd will be more diverse than ever—attendees can log in from anywhere in the world.

Themed Networking Rooms Mean You’re Always Interested in the Discussion

“The themed networking rooms allow you to make new connections with people interested in the same topics as you. With an in-person conference, you approach people not knowing if they’re in the same industry, or if you’re going to have anything in common. Our virtual networking rooms let you choose the topic and dive right in, knowing everyone is there to talk about the same thing,” assures Beblow.

Some rooms are industry-focused, providing a place to discuss topics like manufacturing, energy services, drilling, and chemicals. Others focus on entrepreneurship or being a woman in engineering and geoscience. There are also APEGA-focused rooms, hosted by staff members from various APEGA departments, in which you can chat about subjects such as mentoring, admissions and permits, compliance, discipline, and investigations.

See What’s New in Your Field at Your Convenience

Beblow furthers that the trade show and poster sessions are great opportunities to see what is breaking new ground in the fields of engineering and geoscience, and attendees can access a platform hosting pre-recorded trade show booths and poster presentations.

According to Beblow, “The virtual self-service format is the peak of convenience, allowing you to access more information than ever. If you have 10 minutes to spare, it’s a great way to engage with different content outside of the sessions.”

As the cherry on top of this amazing event, you can earn up to 15 continuing professional development hours just by attending the conference. If you’d like to register but are unsure about how to approach your supervisor to ask, check out our Nexus Conference sample email to help you best communicate the benefits of attending.

Buy an early-bird ticket to the APEGA Nexus Conference by May 8 to be entered to win free admission to an APEGA professional development session for yourself and four others! 


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