APEGA’s Ability to Disclose Details of Investigations

News Release

Through the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act (EGP Act), APEGA has the authority to investigate unprofessional conduct and unskilled practice for engineering and geoscience in Alberta. However, the EGP Act does not permit APEGA to fully disclose the status of ongoing investigations.

APEGA has worked with the government of Alberta and submitted updates to the Act. Included are changes that will allow APEGA greater transparency in reporting whether investigations have been initiated. APEGA is hopeful that the updated legislation will be passed later this year.

“We continue to see real-world cases that can put the Alberta public at risk. This is why it is critical that our submission to the government to modernize the EGP Act is passed,” states Jay Nagendran, P.Eng., APEGA's registrar and chief executive officer.

APEGA also monitors the decisions of other regulators for mention of our registrants. “When we become aware of those findings, we act,” says Matthew Oliver, P.Eng., APEGA’s deputy registrar and chief regulatory officer. “In protecting the public welfare, we take very seriously any action that violates the trust of the professions.”

For more information on our recommended legislative changes to the Act, visit APEGA Legislative Review.

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