Membership Experience Into the Next Century

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More than a year ago, APEGA asked members and permit holders how we could improve the way we provide services to our membership. Thank you to everyone who completed a survey, participated in a focus group, or reached out to provide feedback.

What We Heard

You told us that you want modern, online services that are fast, easy to use, and visually appealing. In addition, you asked to see and manage all your member and permit holder information in one place. You requested more control over the personal and company data APEGA collects, and the inclusion of personalized notifications that will better help you manage your regulatory obligations. Our member and permit holders want the same high-quality experience whether they are in the office, working from home, or on the road.

We are turning your feedback into a force for change.

Improving the Membership Experience

Through our Membership Experience (MEx) Program, APEGA is redesigning its digital presence to serve you better. Throughout 2020, APEGA will be making several improvements to your membership experience, including:

  • Making changes to better protect your personal and company account information.
  • Merging the functions of the existing member and company sites within a single portal.
  • Developing dashboards that provide a visual summary of important information and activities.
  • Initiating notifications that help members and permit holders to understand their regulatory obligations and to stay compliant.
  • Moving all invoices, payments, and receipts online for members and permit holders.

As we move forward with this important initiative, we will be checking in with you, our membership, to ensure we are meeting your needs and expectations. We will be looking for feedback throughout the process, so we encourage you to look for MEx updates beginning in the new year.

As we celebrate our 100th year, APEGA is excited to be bringing you the tools needed for our next century.


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