Do You Have the Updated Alberta Building Code Schedules?

The Alberta Building Code schedules you know and use have been updated to match the 2019 National Building Code – Alberta Edition. New information includes an additional occupancy classification, provisions for construction and fire protection, building requirements for radon gas protection, and energy efficiency requirements.

Alberta Building Code schedules are needed as part of code compliance. Professional engineers in the fields of civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and geotechnical engineering are often required to sign and stamp the forms during various stages of construction projects. The schedules certify that field reviews have been conducted, that relevant documents supplied by the professional engineer are Alberta Building Code–compliant, and that any changes made after a building permit has been issued have been reviewed and approved by the professional engineer acting as a coordinating, registered professional.

Some helpful links:

Download the Updated Alberta Building Code Schedules from

Changes to the 2019 National Building Code

National Building Code – 2019 Alberta Edition


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