APEGA Members Now Have a New Home and Auto Insurance Partner as Part of Member Benefits

The Personal Home and Auto Group InsurerAPEGA is pleased to introduce you to our new group home and auto insurance provider: The Personal.

The Personal has been one of Canada’s leading group insurance companies since 1974, offering special rates and exceptional service for members and employees of more than 700 professional organizations. The Personal is a subsidiary of Desjardins Group—Canada’s largest cooperative with more than $295 billion in assets serving more than 7 million members.

APEGA now counts itself as one of the organizations opting into the special rates and exceptional service The Personal offers.

Beginning today, you can contact The Personal for quotes on home and auto insurance by visiting ThePersonal.com/APEGA or by calling the dedicated APEGA phone line at 1-877-314-6646. Our partnership ensures the following member benefits:

  • competitive pricing – members save up to 30% on home and auto insurance, and save on multi-trip annual travel insurance
  • exceptional, dedicated customer service and 24/7 emergency claims assistance
  • extensive experience with professional associations, (e.g., CPA, OSPE, and others)
  • dedicated APEGA member phone number and website
  • mobile solutions with The Personal app that provides real-time alerts from your home and approaching major weather systems that could damage your property

APEGA is dedicated to providing our members with the best possible benefit options. With our contract up for renewal, we decided to evaluate our program and compare providers to ensure our members were being offered the best possible options.

The Personal has a website and phone number dedicated solely to APEGA members. Members can contact them for a quote and speak to someone familiar with APEGA.

The Personal is ready to answer your questions and provide quotes now:

Dedicated APEGA member phone number: 1-877-314-6646 ThePersonal.com/APEGA

For questions, please email: [email protected].


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