Transition Extension Kicks In for New Codes

As of June 1, new transition requirements in Alberta take effect for three new codes, giving municipalities more time for change management. The transition period has been extended to end December 1, 2019. “Industry also benefits from the additional time to become familiar with the new code changes,” says a Government of Alberta (GoA) article on the Municipal Affairs website.

The transition period involves Alberta editions of the 2019 National Building Code and the 2019 National Fire Code, as well as the 2017 National Energy Code for Buildings. The codes came into effect April 1.

If building construction is in progress, construction is likely allowed to proceed under the code in force at the time of construction. The project must, however, have a valid permit issued under the 2014 code edition or previous codes by the authority having jurisdiction. This means that—unless an unsafe condition exists in the opinion of the authority having jurisdiction—construction in progress is not required to be updated to 2019 building and fire code provisions or to the 2017 National Energy Code for Buildings.

As well, construction may proceed under 2014 code editions if the authority having jurisdiction receives the building permit application prior to that December 1, 2019. This extension is because of earlier delays in the availability of the new codes.

None of this prevents anyone from choosing to construct to the 2019 code editions, if the authority with jurisdiction is administratively capable of allowing it.

Under the Safety Codes Act, municipalities have the authority to carry out their powers and duties as an accredited municipality, including the administration of their permit system. Check with your local, accredited municipality for local information on permit review and approval during the transition period. 

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