APEGA Releases 2018 Annual Report

Available for download now, The Path Forward: APEGA Annual Report 2018 sets the stage for a second century of engineering and geoscience self-regulation in Alberta. The report includes glimpses into APEGA's storied past, underlining the organization's history of successfully addressing challenges.

"Engineers and geoscientists are practising in a new world," outgoing President Nima Dorjee, P.Eng., FEC, FGC Hon., says in his annual report message. "APEGA's job is to keep current and relevant in this changing professional landscape, as one of Canada's—and the world's—premier self-regulators. We've earned our reputation, but we must continue to prove ourselves."

APEGA Registrar & CEO Jay Nagendran, P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon.), says in his message: "Self-regulation is a journey of self-improvement, and we intend to thrive tomorrow in the same way we have in the past."

Publication of the report falls in the final year before APEGA Centennial 2020. Members and other Albertans will see a lot of the association next year, as we use a variety of communication platforms to engage our many stakeholders.

The Path Forward also contains a summary version of our audited 2018 financials, reports from public members serving Albertans on our statutory committees and boards, 2018 operational highlights, and much more.

Selection of Accomplishments Outlined in Report

Update of our practice standard for authentication
Now called Authenticating Professional Work Products, this standard adds clarity to a critically important professional responsibility.

Launch of competency-based assessments (CBAs) for engineering applicants
This system improves the reporting and examination of the work experience applicants need to become professional engineers. The system makes the experience examining process and the data it gathers more objective, transparent, equitable, and comparable.

Progress on diversity
In 2018, APEGA was awarded a $350,000 grant from the Department for Women and Gender Equality, aimed at building partnerships to address systemic barriers, with special emphasis on promoting economic security for women. APEGA is working with permit holders and community organizations to develop, test, and release a workplace culture guideline.

Kick-off of Member Experience Project (MEx)
Our goal is to transform the way members and permit holders digitally interact with APEGA, to make the experience more user-friendly and relevant.

Conclusion of two phases of our legislative review
The consulting phase and the submission phase—to the Government of Alberta (GoA)—are now complete. Among the items are on our to-do list in this file: align current APEGA bylaws with the proposed new legislation.

Launch of Innovation in Education Awards
This new program awarded $50,000 in all to 12 schools, reaching about 850 students through projects ranging from installing interpretive trail signs to showcase geological, ecological, and Indigenous learnings to creating a turbine to charge cell phones.

IT improvements
By implementing 50 mitigation plans, we cut our cybersecurity risk score in half.

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