APEGA Presents Position on Independent Scopes for Technologists


After consulting members, permit holders, and non-member stakeholders about independent scopes of practice for engineering and geoscience technologists, APEGA has submitted its findings to the Government of Alberta in a report titled APEGA’s Position on ASET’s Scope of Practice Proposals.

The consultation confirms APEGA’s position that independent scopes of practice for technologists would pose risks to public safety, if they perform work beyond what is covered by existing legislation.

APEGA has recently shared the report with the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Labour, emphasizing the thoroughness and transparency of APEGA’s consultative process, along with the complete picture the report provides.

Sessions were open to all, including ASET members, and available online and in person. The report includes all comments, unedited, from session participants and those who completed a survey on the topic.

Proposals from the Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET) would:

  • increase risk to public safety
  • allow complex engineering and geoscience work to be performed by individuals without appropriate education and experience
  • create two independent regulators for engineering and geoscience, resulting in confusion in the marketplace and among members of the public
  • create approaches to engineering and geoscience technologists that are inconsistent and incompatible with those of other provinces territories

APEGA’s Position on ASET’s Scope of Practice Proposals

APEGA’s Response to the Government of Alberta Regarding ASET’s Submission

APEGA YouTube Video Presenting APEGA's Views on ASET Proposal


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