APEGA Warns Against Falsifying Application Materials

Although it’s uncommon, APEGA sometimes receives applications that contain falsified supporting documentation. Potential professionals should take note – the chances of being caught are high, and the consequences can be career limiting.

New technology has increased our ability to detect attempts to use falsified documents and other materials to deceive Registration Department staff and APEGA’s Board of Examiners. Better detection supports our continued commitment to serving the public interest and improving our regulatory processes.

APEGA regularly conducts quality assurance audits, including secondary reviews of reference responses. These have led APEGA to investigate Members and applicants who have:

  • falsified work experience
  • used fake references
  • impersonated references
  • created misleading websites
  • employed other unethical practices

Applications that contain suspect materials are referred to the Character Committee of the Board of Examiners for review. If the committee finds that an applicant provided falsified materials, the board may refuse the application because of a failure to meet one of the legal requirements for licensure – the demonstration of good character.

If the applicant is a Member-in-Training, the application is submitted to APEGA’s Investigative Committee. This may result in sanctions for unethical conduct.

APEGA thanks applicants and Members who have come forward to highlight possible cases of deceptive documentation. We will continue to involve staff and stakeholders in strengthening our detection and deterrence measures, and in maintaining a thorough approach to assessing applications for licensure.

If you have any questions, please contact the APEGA Registration Department at [email protected].


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