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Notice of Changes to Mentoring Program

As of April 30, 2024, APEGA will no longer be facilitating mentoring relationships for registrants through our Mentoring Program.  Learn more

Mentoring serves as an opportunity to engage professionals at different stages in their careers. Traditionally, mentoring has been focused on the transfer of knowledge between more experienced professionals and new professionals. At APEGA, we understand that mentoring to take on a much wider scope. Career development is at the core of mentoring, and the transfer of knowledge is a two-way street between individuals engaged in a mentoring partnership.

Some other benefits of mentoring include enhancing your job search skills, better understanding of APEGA regulations, career development, and technical discussions.

NOTE: APEGA mentors do not provide work supervision or references.

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Mentoring at APEGA

APEGA offers members the opportunity to engage in a formal mentoring program with other members that lasts up to one year. We also run various mentoring events throughout the year that are open to all members whether or not they are currently participating in the formal program.

Members are able to count mentoring towards their CPD hours. Mentors may claim up to 20 hours each year they are a mentor in the participation category. Mentees may claim up to 30 CPD hours each year they are a mentee in the informal category.

NEW! University Mentoring

APEGA is proud to include undergraduate university students who are in their second, third, and fourth year engineering and geoscience programs at the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary as part of our mentoring program. Check out our  University Student Mentoring page to submit your application today!

See more about University Student Mentoring

Upcoming Mentoring Events

We have exciting events happening every month as part of APEGA's Career Services offerings. Check it out!

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What Our Members Say About Mentoring

"What stood out with the previous and the last mentee, was the enthusiasm and eagerness of both, in terms of future perspective, career path, job search, interview skill, and decision making (technical judgment). All areas were exhausted with evidence of achievement and a milestone."

Adediran (2019)

The APEGA mentoring program was well set-up and provided me with a great match. I really enjoyed this program and felt I got a lot out of it, especially with talking to a senior female in the industry who was in a high level position.

Allison (2019)

I really enjoy mentoring and have learned so much from my mentees.

Karen (2017)

[My mentor’s] kindness and willingness to share his own experience were super helpful to find my career path.

Mahdi (2018)

Matching You to a Mentoring Partner

Using online matching software, mentees search for and request mentors based on different criteria. Once a match is agreed upon, you are free to connect and begin your mentoring. The training you receive after your application is approved will show how you go through these steps in more detail, including the process of matching itself.

Available Across Alberta

Members who can't find a local match can connect with someone outside their region. Discussions between distance mentors and mentees can be conducted using technology such as Facetime, Skype, phone, or email—whatever works best for each matched pair. Each of APEGA's 10 branches in Alberta has access to the distance mentoring program, and we encourage members outside the Edmonton and Calgary regions to sign up for and participate in this program.

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If you have any questions or need support with the Mentoring Program, contact us at [email protected], or call our Edmonton office and ask for the Mentoring Coordinator.