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For Members

What’s in it for You?

The job board is a free service that adds value to your membership with APEGA. The job board gives APEGA Members exclusive access to a range of postings around the globe, including postings only available on the APEGA job board.

Who is Eligible?

Active APEGA Members enrolled in the following categories are eligible for an account on the APEGA job board:

  • Professional Member
  • Member-in-Training
  • Provisional Licensee
  • Professional Licensee
  • Exam Candidate
  • ASAP Student

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For Organizations

What’s in it for You?

As an employer, the APEGA job board gives you access to a pool of high-quality candidates. Focusing on your target audience will give you higher quality applicants and make your search easier and more efficient. Features include:

  • enabling users to search based on designation, location, or other criteria
  • enabling employers to have multiple accounts under the same organization
  • enabling recruiters to add multiple clients under their account and posting on behalf of any of their clients

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How Much Does it Cost?

The job board is a pay-for-posting service. Prices vary depending on your organization type and number of postings purchased. All postings are live for 30 days with the option for extension. 

A 30-day extension for any job posting costs $100. Any subsequent extensions to the same posting costs $75. Fees do not include GST, and are subject to change without notice.

Permit Holders

 PricePre-paid Price
1 Posting$175$175
3 Postings$483  Save 8% $480  Save 9% 
5 Postings$770  Save 13% $750  Save 16% 
10 Postings$1,470  Save 19% $1,450  Save 20% 

Non-Permit Holders

 PricePre-paid Price
1 Posting$200$200
3 Postings$552  Save 8% $550  Save 9% 
5 Postings$880  Save 13% $875  Save 14% 
10 Postings$1,680  Save 19% $1,650  Save 21% 

3rd Parties

 PricePre-paid Price
1 Posting$250$250
3 Postings$690  Save 8% $675  Save 11% 
5 Postings$1,100  Save 13% $1,075  Save 16% 
10 Postings$2,100  Save 19% $2,000  Save 25% 

Organization Types

There are three organization types.

  1. Permit Holder: holds a permit from APEGA to practise engineering and/or geoscience in Alberta
  2. Non-Permit Holder: practises engineering or geoscience outside of Alberta or does not engage in the practice of engineering or geoscience
  3. Third-party: post jobs on behalf of another organization

Feedback & Questions

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving our service, we welcome your feedback. Please feel free to email us with your feedback or questions at