A Century Well Built

2020 is a special year for APEGA. We are celebrating a century of serving the public interest through the regulation of the engineering and geoscience professions in Alberta. APEGA members play a critical role in building a sustainable and diversified economy by developing innovative solutions across all industries.

Learn more about how you can join us in celebrating A Century Well Built.

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Did You Know?

A Historical Fact About APEGA and Our Members

August's Trivia Fact: Stereoscope

A stereoscope is a device that enables the viewer to see separate left- and right-eye views of the same image as a single, three-dimensional image, giving it depth.

 Professional geoscientists used stereoscopes in aerial photography as the earliest means to construct tectonic maps of northern Canada—3D structural elements were easier to recognize from the air than the ground. The altitude of the airplane and the optical properties of the camera lens and other tools (such as a parallax) enabled the accurate measurement of distinct, elevated features, such as mountain peaks and tall buildings.

 Professional geoscientists who study the Quaternary Period still map this way because it provides a better optical resolution than most satellite-derived digital-elevation models.

 Light Detection and Ranging, or LiDAR, is a remote-sensing tool that will likely replace the optical resolution of aerial photos. The data are acquired by aircraft, and horizontal and vertical resolution can range from millimetres to centimetres.

 Currently, geoscientists still use aerial photos because most of Canada is not covered by publicly available LiDAR data.


Discover APEGA and Our History

Do you know how Alberta’s first female geoscientists chiselled, charted, and championed the way for women in the profession? How a tiny hamlet holds the key to landmine and explosives detection? How one city’s breakthrough in transplant technology changed the global landscape of diabetes treatment?

As we celebrate our centennial, we’re commemorating the many ways our members have shaped our province over the past 100 years—and we’re bringing their stories to you. How much do you know about the history of engineering and geoscience in Alberta?

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Social Media Partner Toolkit

You can help spread the word! We’ve created an e-toolkit that includes suggested copy and images for communication on your social media, websites, e-newsletters – wherever you engage with your community.

Contents include:

  • A PDF with background information and instructions
  • Four suggested messages with APEGA's social media handles and hashtags
  • 30 image files (10 base images, each in 3 variations formatted for different social platforms)

Download the Partner Tool Kit (ZIP, 37 MB)

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Centennial Gear

To celebrate a century of commitment to public safety and well-being, check out our centennial-branded clothing and accessories. See what we have—pride in your profession looks good on you! Order your custom APEGA centennial gear now.

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Centennial Photo Contest

In June 2019, to celebrate our centennial year, we asked APEGA members to send us their best photos capturing the spirit of engineering and geoscience in Alberta. Our members enthusiastically answered that call: we received almost 200 photos exhibiting the fascinating province around us, and it was almost impossible to select the 13 best.

Check out the winners in the photo gallery.