As the largest professional self-regulator in Alberta, APEGA is committed to demonstrating leadership in strengthening the professions by serving the public interest and reflecting modern business practices.

The winter 2016 legislative review consultation focuses on strengthening the professions by improving professional practice.

Fundamentally in order to protect the public, members and permit holders must maintain acceptable standards of competence and practice and a result, APEGA must have clear authority to develop appropriate standards and ensure members and permit holders comply with them.

Below is a summary of each of the proposed recommendations. After reviewing the recommendations, attending a consultation or watching the videos on the website, we want to know your opinion and feedback on this important subject matter.

Practice Review Committee

  • Authority of the Practice Review Committee
  • Authority of Practice Review Committee Practice Standards, Guidelines, and Bulletins
  • Practice Review Committee Authority of Reviewers to Make Recommendations
  • Practice Review Committee Authority of Panels to Make Orders

Originally published April 6, 2016