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The legislative review is a complex and lengthy process, one we anticipate will take until spring of 2019 to fully complete. We are consulting in stages, starting with the majority of changes to the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act, followed by the General Regulation and Bylaws.

APEGA has hosted series of consultations with proposed recommendations to date.  Listen to our Registrar & CEO, Jay Nagendran, P.Eng., for an update on the completed consultations.

During a consultation, several face-to-face meetings and teleconferences take place to share information about the proposed recommendations. Once Members and Permit Holders are informed about the proposed recommendations they are asked to submit their feedback through a survey.

When the consultation and survey wraps up, a report, known as the We’re Listening report gathers the feedback from the Members and Permit Holders. Council uses the results of the We’re Listening reports to endorse (or revise) the recommendations.

It is important to note, that the EGP Act and General Regulation is provincial legislation developed by the Government of Alberta. However, all the stakeholders recognize that the feedback, thoughts and ideas of APEGA Members and Permit Holders is vital to the process.

In fact, APEGA Council and the Government of Alberta are basing the development of the new legislation on APEGA’s extensive consultation with Members and Permit Holders, and it will be used by the provincial government to rewrite the new legislation.


Spring 2015 Consultations

Topics covered

  • Licensee designation
  • Member-in-Training designation
  • Professional Licensee designation
  • Student membership category
  • Authority to Delegate
  • Building Code Exemptions

Fall 2015 Consultations

Topics covered

  • Authority to Inform the Public of Decisions of Statutory Boards and Committees
  • Capacity to Practice
  • Changes Regarding Orders, Fines, and Costs
  • Formalizing the Mobility of Discipline Decisions
  • Modernizing the Investigative Process
  • Authority of the Registrar

Winter 2016 Consultations

Topics covered

  • Authority of the Practice Review Committee
  • Practice Standards, Guidelines, and Bulletins
  • Authority of Practice Reviewers to Make Recommendations
  • Authority of Practice Review Panels to Make Orders

Fall 2016 Consultations

Topics covered

  • Updating Authentication Practices
  • Improving the Practice – Permit to Practice
  • Improving the Practice – Primary Professional Liability Insurance
  • Introducing Creative Sanctions
  • Updating Tools for APEGA’s Statutory Entities
  • Allowing for a Custodian of Practice
  • Refining the Continuing Professional Development Program
  • Membership Category – Provisional Licensee
  • Geoscience: Changes to the Definition of the Practice of Geoscience
  • Geoscience: Changes to the Description of Geoscience Work
  • Geoscience: Changes to Exemptions
  • Authority of Practice Reviewers Conducting Practice Reviews


  • Consent Orders
  • Enforcement Review Committee
  • Investigator Authority
  • Mediated Settlements
  • Membership Category – Restricted Practitioners
  • Establishing Time Frames for Notices and Discipline Matters
  • Obligation to Comply and Cooperate
  • Membership Category – University Students

Spring 2017 Consultations

Topics covered

  • Permit to Practice – Registration
  • Permit to Practice – Reinstatement
  • Investigative Panels Criteria for Interim Suspensions and Restrictions
  • Practice Prohibitions
  • Amendment – Professional Limited Licensee
  • Examination Candidates
  • Code of Ethics