Thanks for your interest in our comprehensive review of the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act (EGP Act). The review consists of:

  • consultation, surveying, and gathering feedback
  • reporting feedback
  • endorsement of proposed recommendations by Council
  • reporting to members
  • forwarding Council-endorsed proposed recommendations to the Government of Alberta (GOA) – owners of the EGP Act

Council is using the feedback from all consultations, emails, and online surveys to evaluate proposed recommendations. These recommendations address solutions that members, permit holders, statutory boards and committees, the public, and the GOA identify as important and relevant to the professions.

As a first step, Council reviewed the feedback contained in the Spring 2015 We’re Listening document published in July 2015. Council has determined that members and permit holders are in agreement with the principles of the proposed recommendations presented in the spring 2015 consultations.

At a special Council meeting on October 6, Council endorsed all the proposed recommendations. It did, however, make some changes and clarifications to three of the six proposed recommendations, in response to feedback contained in We’re Listening, Council decided:

  • to place a limit on the number of members-in-training (M.I.T.s) (to be determined by the Nominating Committee) that could run for Council and a limit on the number of positions on Council
  • to create a new Limited Licence designation that includes the word “Professional”
  • to remove the requirement for a Professional Member to be Canadian citizen or have permanent residence status. However, a Professional Member must be a Canadian citizen or have permanent residence status to run for Council

Council will use the feedback from the fall 2015 consultations in the same manner, should Council wish to endorse the proposed recommendations. APEGA will report the results of Council’s endorsements of the proposed recommendations in April 2016. Members will not be voting on each recommendation. The proposed recommendations will go forward to GOA.

The Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act does not belong to APEGA or ASET, but to GOA. The province has encouraged APEGA to review the EGP Act and bring forward proposed recommendations.

In its next phase, the legislative review will work with members and permit holders on proposed recommendations to the General Regulation. Regulations are made only by Council. These will be brought forward in April of 2017 for a vote by members to be approved in principle.

Originally published May 27, 2016