Council Endorses Latest Set of Recommendations

At a special meeting on February 5, APEGA Council endorsed the proposed recommendations in the We’re Listening: Fall 2015 Consultation Summary.

This report includes full details on the proposed recommendations, as well as feedback gathered from members and permit holders during the fall consultations.

Topics reviewed last fall and endorsed by Council for improving regulatory efficiencies include:

  • modernizing the investigative process
  • revising the maximum amount of fines and penalties
  • improving the enforcement and recovery of fines and penalties
  • publishing names and orders
  • formalizing the mobility of discipline orders
  • improving the capacity to practise
  • initiating investigations, terminating complaints, and suspending or placing conditions on registrations

Based on feedback from members and permit holders, Council revised one proposed recommendation related to complaints against former members.

Instead of increasing to 10 years (from two) the timeframe within which a complaint against a former member or permit holder may begin, the approved recommendation requests amending the legislation to clarify that a complaint against a current or former member or permit holder may begin within the limitation periods under Alberta’s Limitations Act.

There were also a few instances of members and permit holders holding different opinions on a proposed recommendation. After results were analyzed, three main reasons emerged as to why members or permit holders could not support particular recommendations. The reasons were:

  • members and permit holders were looking for the policy ahead of the legislative change
  • members and permit holders held opinions based on self-interest rather than public interest
  • members and permit holders were concerned about risks to APEGA

In these cases, Council approved moving the recommendations forward to Government of Alberta, with the mixed feedback to be taken under advisement as part of our discussions with the government.

Originally published May 27, 2016