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In 2014, APEGA began a legislative review to modernize the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act (the Act), which had its last major update in 1981. As the regulator of engineering and geoscience in Alberta, we need to ensure the Act continues to protect the public interest and reflect current business practices. Consultations with stakeholders, including the  Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta (ASET), have been ongoing since the legislative review began.

APEGA and ASET agree on some of the recommendations submitted to government as part of the legislative review. However, ASET has a divergent perspective on several critical areas, including scope of practice and joint regulation of Professional Technologists.

ASET has proposed that:

  • engineering and geoscience  Certified Engineering Technologists (C.E.T.s) should have their own scope of practice without oversight
  • the scope of practice for Professional Technologists (P.Tech.s) be expanded to allow P.Tech.s to practice outside routine codes and standards
  • the existing APEGA-ASET joint boards and committees that regulate P.Tech.s be eliminated and that P.Techs be regulated only by ASET


Frequently Asked Questions about ASET Proposals on Scope of Practice for Technologists (PDF)

APEGA’s response to ASET’s Position (PDF)

APEGA's Position on ASET's Scope of Practice Proposals, Survey Results