Welcome to the fall 2016 consultation. Here you will find the 20 topics with the proposed recommendations for legislative change that make up the fall 2016 consultation.

The topics are presented in a variety of formats. All of the topics are explained in a briefing note, with applicable appendices. Six of the topics have videos which will be presented at the face-to-face consultations. Once you have watched the videos and read the briefing notes, please submit your feedback on the proposed recommendations through the survey (fall 2016 survey is now closed).

Thank you for your interest in APEGA’s legislative review. Your feedback is integral to shaping the future legislation for Professional Engineers and Professional Geoscientists in Alberta.

Topics Covered

  • Updating Authentication Practices
  • Improving the Practice - Permit to Practice
  • Improving the Practice- Professional Liability Insurance
  • Introducing Creative Sanctions
  • Updating Tools for Statutory Entities
  • Allowing for a Custodian of Practice
  • Refining the Continuing Professional Development Program
  • Membership Category – Provisional Licensee
  • Geoscience: Changes to the Definition of the Practice of Geoscience
  • Geoscience: Changes to Description of Geoscience Work Products
  • Geoscience: Changes to Exemptions
  • Investigator Authority
  • Authority of Practice Reviewers
  • Enforcement Review Committee
  • Mediated Settlements
  • Consent Orders
  • Obligation to Comply and Cooperate
  • Establishing Time Frames for Notices
  • Membership Category – Restricted Practitioners
  • Membership Category – University Students

Originally published July 5, 2016