Message from Carol Moen, P.Eng., Registrar [2013-2017]

The fall 2015 We’re Listening report was published in early January 2016 and considered by Council in February. There was a significant number of legislative changes put forward, and I know Council appreciated the views and opinions that were shared on each proposed legislative change. We are listening, and a solid discussion about what we’ve heard led to Council’s endorsement to the recommendations with two minor revisions.

Thank you to the more than 2,400 members who took the time out of their busy day to get involved. As the largest professional self-regulator in Alberta, we are committed to serving the public by demonstrating leadership in this important endeavour.

Together, we will put forward solutions to the Government of Alberta that will create a more robust Act to regulate the engineering and geoscience professions in Alberta in the future.

The proposed recommendations cover the following areas:

Authority to Inform the Public of Decisions of Statutory Boards and Committees

  • Informing the Public of Discipline Decisions and Interim Suspensions
  • Informing the Public of the Existence of an Ongoing Investigation or Practice Review
  • Informing the Public of Action Against Unlicensed Use-of-Title and Scope-of-Practice Violators

Capacity to Practice

Changes Regarding Orders, Fines and Costs

  • Increase to Discipline Related Fines
  • Increase Fines for Inappropriate Use of Title and Practice Violations
  • Recovery of Discipline Related Fines and Costs
  • Recommended Discipline Orders

Formalizing the Mobility of Discipline Decisions

Modernizing the Investigative Process

  • Clarifying the Role and Authority of Investigative Panels
  • Compelling Witnesses, Producing Documents and Entering Premises
  • Complaints Against Former Members and Permit Holders

Authority of the Registrar

  • Initiating an Investigation or Complaint
  • Suspending or Imposing Conditions on an Interim Basis in Emergent Situations
  • Using Alternative Settlement and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Originally published May 24, 2016