APEGA Project Achievement Award

This award is presented to an engineering or geoscience project that contributes new technologies, processes, or innovations for the improvement of society.
The 2022 Summit Awards nomination period has closed. Please check back in summer 2022 to nominate someone for the 2023 awards.

Nominating Someone for an Award

APEGA relies on its members and permit holders, and even the public, to nominate outstanding individuals in the professions. Nomination is always free, and you can submit as many nominations as you like. 

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Evaluation Considerations for the Project Achievement Award

Nominations are evaluated and scored for up to 100 points. Be sure to write your nomination to address as much of these criteria as possible for the best chance at being selected.

  1. Uniqueness/Ingenuity (30 Points)
    • The uniqueness and ingenuity displayed by the conception, design and execution of an engineering/geoscience project or by a team of engineers/geoscientists,
    • Whether it has advanced the fields of engineering or geoscience
    • Whether it can be applied to future engineering/geoscience projects or by other teams of engineers/geoscientists
  2. Utilization (30 Points)
    • Conceived, designed and executed with significant input by Albertan engineers/geoscientists or team of engineers/geoscientists (at least 50%) were registered in good standing with APEGA
    • The complexity of a project and/or problems overcome by a team of engineers and/or geoscientists
    • Cost effectiveness and future applicability of the solutions used to overcome problems
    • Achieved in a manner that promotes sustainable development and/or minimized environmental impacts
    • Magnitude of the positive impact created by a project and importance of the project to Alberta‚Äôs economic and social well-being
  3. Project Process (30 Points)
    • Projects within Alberta will be given priority with projects located outside Alberta considered with a significant professional contribution from APEGA members
    • Project must be completed or have reached a significant degree of completion in the award year with project leader or company responsible for the project being a Member of APEGA
  4. Project Location (10 Points)
    • Higher marks awarded for projects located in Alberta
  5. Personal and General Information (Not Scored)
    • Education, publications, directorships, honours and decorations and other relevant information

Recent Recipients of the Project Achievement Award

Sylvan Lake Regional Wastewater System

2020 Recipient

Red Deer Wastewater Treatment Plant

2019 Recipient

South Red Deer Regional Wastewater System

2016 Recipient