APEGA Community Service Award

This award is presented to individuals who have made significant improvements to a community in need through efforts in the engineering or geoscience profession.

Past Recipients of the Community Service Award

Russ Wlad, P.Eng.

2019 Recipient

Reza Nasseri, P.Eng.

2018 Recipient

Nominating Someone for an Award

APEGA relies on its members and permit holders, and even the public, to nominate outstanding individuals in the professions. Nomination is always free, and you can submit as many nominations as you like.

Learn more about the nomination process

You can download a nomination template file to help you develop your nomination and make sure that nothing important is missed. You do not have to use this template, but you do need to make sure you include all the information that the template includes.

Download the Community Service Award Nomination Template (DOCX)

Evaluation Considerations for the Community Service Award

Nominations are evaluated and scored for up to 100 points. Be sure to write your nomination to address as much of these criteria as possible for the best chance at being selected.

  1. Service to the Community (70 Points)
    1. Volunteer work in the community, service clubs, charitable organizations
    2. Participation in commissions, boards, task forces
    3. Special assistance to youth
    4. Assistance to underdeveloped countries
    5. Technical developments
    6. Participation in government administration (municipal, provincial, federal) as an elected official and other paid or unpaid work
  2. Service to the Profession (20 Points)
    1. Identification of key highlights and/or previous recognition for outstanding community service
    2. Active participation in engineering or geoscience associations, societies, institutes
  3. Work-Related Achievements (10 Points)
    1. Professional affiliations and executive positions held
    2. The practice of engineering/geoscience; the teaching of engineering/geoscience, the undertaking of engineering/geoscience research
  4. Personal and General Information (Not Scored)
    1. Directorships, honours and decorations and other relevant information
Deadline for Summit Award nominations is September 15, 2019.