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Voters Choose Geoscientist as 2019 President

APEGA Council ElectionAPEGA voters have spoken, electing a prominent geoscientist as their 2018-2019 President-Elect. George Eynon, P.Geo., was the top vote-getter in the executive portion of APEGA Election 2018, a month-long polling of professional members. He'll sit for a year in the President-Elect position, before moving up to President.

Tim Joseph, P.Eng., PhD, will serve the 2018-2019 term as Vice-President, electors decided. Mr. Eynon and Dr. Joseph will join incoming President Nima Dorjee, P.Eng., on the executive, along with outgoing President Jane Tink, P.Eng., who will sit for a year as Past-President.

The online election ran from February 16 to March 19. Voter turnout was 15.1 per cent, or a total of 8,837 members. The average over the past 10 years is 15.9 per cent.

Six other professional members were voted in as Councillors.

Newly Elected

  • Tim Hohm, P.Eng. (three-year term)
  • Walter Kozak, P.Eng. (three-year term)
  • Bob Rundle, P.Eng. (two-year term)


  • Jennifer Enns, P.Eng. (three-year term)
  • Claudia Villeneuve, P.Eng., M.Eng. (three-year term)
  • Jason Vanderzwaag, P.Eng. (one-year term)

We are aware that there were members who faced issues in using our voting system. We apologize for any inconvenience these issues caused. We are reviewing our voting system, so we can make improvements for next year’s election.

Join us at our Annual General Meeting on April 20 at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton to meet your new APEGA Council and see Mr. Dorjee sworn in as President.


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