Phone Upgrade Means Better Routing, Fewer Numbers | APEGA

Phone Upgrade Means Better Routing, Fewer Numbers

A major modernization and upgrade of APEGA’s phone system is designed to speed up routing and reduce misdirection. Set to go live next month, the streamlined system will route all calls through the Edmonton office.

Initially, calls using Calgary's APEGA numbers will be automatically forwarded to Edmonton. But all Calgary numbers will be decommissioned by the end of 2018. That means that to reach the Calgary office, you'll actually phone one of two Edmonton APEGA numbers – the regular long distance number or the toll-free number.

There is no change in APEGA services offered in Calgary. The only difference is in how phone calls get there.

No matter which office you’re calling, our main numbers will be 780-426-3990 or, toll free from anywhere in North America, 1-800-661-7020. Menu options will direct callers to the departments they seek.

About 25 direct lines to individual staff members will also be decommissioned. Calls will be automatically forwarded for a transition period of three months.