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P.Eng. Exemption Remains in Labour Relations Code

An exemption from collective bargaining for Professional Engineers remains intact, after a Government of Alberta (GoA) review of provincial labour legislation. Removal of the exemption may have limited the ability of APEGA and Members to serve the public interest, undermining public safety and well-being.

Changes to the Employment Standards Code and the Labour Relations Code became law when Bill 17: The Fair and Family-friendly Workplaces Act received royal assent on June 7.

During the review leading up to the first major update of the legislation in nearly three decades, APEGA encouraged Members to provide feedback to the government. Legislation without the exemption would have put professional obligations at odds with collective bargaining for some Members. Also, APEGA regulatory roles, like investigating and disciplining Members and Permit Holders, may have been weakened.

The GoA says the approved changes "make sure Albertans have the same rights and protections enjoyed by other Canadians, and have fair and family-friendly workplace laws that support a strong economy and help businesses stay competitive."

The changes ensure that:

  • parents of critically ill or injured children can take time off to care for their family without fear of losing their jobs
  • people dealing with short-term illnesses, domestic violence, or deaths of loved ones get the time off they need
  • working families have greater flexibility for maternity and parental leaves

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