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New-Look ePEG Launches

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Less text and more imagery characterize the latest incarnation of the ePEG, our flagship monthly newsletter. Revamped for distribution from a new mailing platform, we've improved the ePEG's design, deliverability, and analytics, creating a better experience for readers and a better reach for our messaging.

Our goal is to use the ePEG to keep members and permit holders more informed than ever about regulatory requirements and changes, professional development sessions, volunteer opportunities, and other benefits and services.

ePEG History

An APEGA communication staple since 2004, the newsletter was first distributed through Outlook. Later, we migrated it to an internal mailing system and simplified the ePEG's design for BlackBerrys and early smartphones—members told us that pictures and other graphics slowed down loading.

Another major step in the ePEG's evolution was making it compliant with Canadian's Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) by adding an unsubscribe feature. We continue to be CASL-compliant, and readers can update their email preferences at any time.

Alert readers may notice another, more subtle change: we removed the hyphen from the name ePEG. Yes!

Consultation Process

APEGA piloted three ePEG design ideas with a small group of members late last year. Then we surveyed them to gather their thoughts and preferences. From there, we combined what respondents liked most with industry best practices and staff needs, arriving at the final design.

First Issue Sent March 2019

We distributed the first new-look ePEG on Friday, March 29.

Coming soon will be redesigned newsletters for individual branches. These will retain APEGA's branding so it's clear they're from the same family, but each one will also be easily recognized as the Branch News specific to a particular geographic area.

Fun fact: the ePEG is currently emailed about 46,000 addresses. Is yours one of them?

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