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Members Approve Voting and Other Bylaw Changes

Changes in validation requirements for mail and electronic bylaw voting earned the approval of Members attending the APEGA Annual General Meeting on April 28 in Calgary. The successful amendment of Bylaw 37(3) means that voting by 400 eligible Professional Members now makes the results of a mail or electronic vote valid. Before, the requirement was 10 per cent of eligible Professional Members.

The amendment allows voting from a broad cross-section of eligible Professional Members and timely decisions on proposed bylaw changes. Until now, the usual mechanism for passing bylaw changes has been a legally constituted AGM. An AGM quorum is 60 eligible Professional Members, and bylaws typically passed or failed on a total vote count of 100 to 150.

A simple majority in favour continues to be the threshold for a bylaw change to pass, whether the vote is conducted by mail, electronically, or at an AGM or special meeting. At this year's AGM, 137 eligible Professional Members voted in favour of the changes to Bylaw 37(3)  and 15 voted against. That's a passing vote of 90 per cent.

The amendment does not apply to the APEGA Election, which is covered elsewhere in the bylaws.

Eligibility for Nomination, Removal from Council

Members at the AGM also approved bylaw changes that add new eligibility requirements for nomination to Council and give clear guidance on removing someone from Council.

The changes were brought forward after Council discovered gaps in a review of its governance manual. The criteria belong in the bylaws rather than policy, Council decided, so Members can easily know and find the rules.

The nomination eligibility amendment passed by a 75 per cent majority, a vote of 117 to 39. The vote on criteria for removal from Council was 100 to 49 in favour, or 67 per cent.

Further Information

APEGA has created two reports to Members on the bylaw changes. These reports, comprising the actual changes and the rationale behind them, were distributed electronically and made available on the APEGA website on April 13, over two weeks before the AGM. Under APEGA’s bylaws, APEGA must disclose to Members full details of proposed amendments at least 14 days prior the AGM.

Report to Members – Mail and Electronic Voting Requirements

Report to Members – Criteria for Eligibility for Nomination to Council, and Criteria for Removal of an Elected Member of Council