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Legal Opinion Results in Longer Reinstatement Times

A recent legal review of APEGA's reinstatement practices has resulted in increases in the time it takes for former Professional Members and Permit Holders to have their names returned to the register.

In the past, reinstatement applications have taken as little as a month or so to process through APEGA's Practice Review Board. In some cases, reinstatements were handled administratively.

Neither of those approaches can be used anymore, the legal review has concluded. APEGA's Council, which meets four times a year, must approve all reinstatements.

A decision on reinstatement now takes from three to six months, starting from the time the application is complete. Completion includes, when required, receipt of completed forms sent in by references and other documents we request. It is up to those seeking reinstatement to ensure references complete and submit their forms in a timely manner.

As a regulatory organization whose reason for being is the protection of the public, APEGA must act on this legal advice. It is a current interpretation of what the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act (EGP Act) requires of us in the reinstatement process.

Reinstatements specifically apply to membership cancellations instituted by APEGA or voluntary resignations by Members which involve Professional Members, Professional Licensees, and Permit Holders. Non-payment of dues, failure to comply with Continuing Professional Development requirements, and orders by APEGA's Discipline Committee are examples.

Resumptions are different. They are reactivations that follow non-practising declarations made by Professional Members, Professional Licensees, and Life Members.

APEGA recognizes that memberships are critical to the livelihoods of many of our Members, particularly in today's challenging economic climate. But this is an important part of our duty to protect the public through the regulation of engineering and geoscience in Alberta.

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