Legislative Review Concludes Fall Sessions | APEGA

Legislative Review Concludes Fall Sessions

Fall consultations in APEGA's legislative review wrapped up on December 5, 2016, with some impressive results.

Over the past two months, the legislative review engaged with more Members and Permit Holders than it did in any of the earlier consultations. More than 1,000 Members and Permit Holders registered in more than 30 sessions. We also conducted a survey to gather feedback on the proposed legislative changes discussed during the consultation sessions. It attracted about 1,150 respondents.

"This was only possible through the commitment of Members and Permit Holders who participated in the process," said Carol Moen, P.Eng., APEGA Registrar. "We are so grateful for the feedback shared by our membership throughout this significant review."

A report summarizing results of the fall 2016 consultations will be made available in January 2017.

APEGA Council will review the report at its meeting on January 27, 2017, to determine Members' and Permit Holders' agreement with the principles of the proposed recommendations presented in the consultations. On the legislative review website, APEGA will publish results of Council's review. 

Those proposed recommendations that APEGA Council endorses will be submitted to the Government of Alberta.