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Is Your Employer Using Compliant Job Titles?

With 2018 business planning in full swing, it’s the perfect time for your company to ensure its job titles comply with APEGA requirements. Are the people your company calls engineers within Alberta actually Professional Members of APEGA with the right to use their titles? How about the people called geoscientists, geologists, or geophysicists?

The two questions above represent the gist of the right-to-title and right-to-practice provisions addressed by the APEGA Compliance Department. Members and Permit Holders are active partners in making sure the provisions are met.

Complying is not merely an option for Permit Holders. It’s a mandatory obligation. Each Permit Holder is expected to document its engineering and geoscience regulatory framework for quality control in its Professional Practice Management Plan (PPMP), including hiring the right people for the right job and correct job title use.

Our licences and permits ensure that the individuals and companies that practise our professions have met and maintain the high technical, ethical, and professional standards necessary to protect the public. Those who aren’t Members can’t be held to those standards, so the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act of Alberta (EGP Act) restricts the right to practise and the right to title.

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