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Completing Alberta Building Code Schedules

The following notice is for licensed professionals who provide services subject to the Alberta Building Code.

The Government of Alberta has notified APEGA of instances when Schedule C has been requested by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) at the conclusion of a project when properly authenticated Schedules A and B have not been previously submitted.

For example, for a smaller project, if construction proceeded without the involvement of a licensed professional and a licensed professional is engaged to review the as-built condition of the project, the AHJ may request a completed Schedule C2. 

APEGA does not endorse building projects progressing to this point without properly documented professional involvement. Members are reminded that Schedule C2 should not be submitted unless Schedules B1 and B2 have been submitted previously or are submitted at the same time as Schedule C2. 

Schedule C2 references and relies on Schedules B1 and B2 to define the scope of work of the licensed professional’s involvement. Issuing Schedule C2 in isolation leaves the scope undefined and makes the licensed professional responsible for aspects of the project he or she may not have been involved with.

When a personnel change results in Schedule C2 being submitted by a licensed professional different from the one who submitted Schedules B1 and B2, the new licensed professional must also resubmit Schedules B1 and B2 updated with the new licensed professional’s name. This ensures there is no confusion about the transfer of responsibilities.

APEGA encourages you to review the following professional practice standards and guidelines, which are relevant to the Alberta Building Code, at