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Become a Better Professional Through Lifelong Learning

APEGA’s annual conference takes place in late April, but other opportunities to reach your learning goals and expand your horizons are also on tap.

An experienced presenter and project management expert returns to the APEGA schedule with his session Advanced Project Management. George Jergeas, P.Eng., PhD, will discuss research findings about cost overruns and benchmarking. Sessions take place April 8 in Calgary and April 30 in Edmonton.

Dr. Jergeas will help you improve project decision-making and the management of construction, and also offer insights into the risks you face. Fresh thinking will be revealed and some long-held ideas challenged, opening the door to new approaches in enhancing project predictability.

Maybe your challenges have more to do with the people around you than the projects you’re tasked with. Is there someone at your office or in the field who you just don’t get? Someone who drains your energy? Somebody who, no matter how much you try, won’t change or come around to your way of thinking?

Sounds like you need Building Better Work Relationships. Presenter Erin Waddell, a coach, leadership expert, and accountant, will share findings and strategies in this critical area of workplace productivity and contentment, May 1 in Calgary and May 16 in Edmonton.

On a tight budget? Although APEGA normally charges for PD, we do set competitive and affordable rates. Sometimes we even offer free sessions. Such is the case with Knowing Your Brand, featuring Jackie Rafter.

As the founder, president, and CEO of Higher Landing, Ms. Rafter helps professionals, executives, and athletes transform their careers. She believes people can tap into their potential to re-invent, brand, and package themselves for greater successes

Join us in Edmonton on May 16 for this—it bears repeating—free session.

Maybe you want to learn more about what’s expected of permit-holding companies and their Responsible Members. These free seminars are put on regularly by APEGA. The next Calgary permit to practice seminar is on April 10, followed by one in Edmonton on April 16.

Watch for regional activities throughout the province, too, like professional development evenings and luncheon speakers, put on by your local branch. APEGA has 10 branches in all, covering every corner and region of the province.


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