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APEGA New Year's Resolutions

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Now that 2019 is officially here, you may have already undertaken that annual tradition called New Year's resolutions.

Maybe you committed to the predictable, health-related things, like more exercise, a healthier diet, and a friendlier online persona. But may we suggest that you round out your resolutions with the following items dedicated to your own professional health and APEGA's health, too? 

Professional Development

Update your CPD

Did you know that APEGA Career Services tailors the delivery of continued professional development (CPD)? Sessions are planned to fit into the different competencies required for your CPD, counting towards your 240 hours of mandatory CPD every three years. Why not join us for a session, and then update your CPD in the Member Self-Service Centre?

Learn about the draft authentication practice standard

APEGA is updating the Authenticating Professional Documents (now titled Authenticating Professional Work Products) practice standard. As this will replace the standard you are used to, we urge you to view the videos and read the draft standard to learn how this will affect you. 

Conferences and Events

council electionVote in the Council election

Make time to discover the candidates running for President-Elect and Council in 2019, find out if you are eligible to vote, and then exercise your right to vote in the APEGA election. The polls open on February 11 and will remain open until March 14. Make your voice heard!

summit awardAttend the Summit Awards

Celebrate Alberta engineering and geoscience accomplishments by joining us for the 2019 Summit Awards in Calgary on April 25. Be prepared to be inspired by your fellow APEGA members. Tickets will go on sale soon.

Attend our PD conference in April

When was the last time you attended the APEGA PD Conference? The 2019 PD Conference is happening on April 25 and 26, 2019, and tickets will go on sale soon. Join us for two days full of relevant, engaging content that will help you grow in your profession!

Attend our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April

The AGM and PD Conference are held back-to-back on April 25 and 26, 2019, so why not join us for the 2019 AGM? The AGM is your opportunity to discuss issues important to the professions, vote on matters brought before Council, and present motions for Council's consideration?

Community Involvement

Attend a branch event

Branches serve an important role and are an integral part of APEGA operations, and all 10 branches hold a variety of activities throughout the year for their local members. Join your branch for networking events, industry tours, Science Olympics, and more. Visit your branch web page for details on upcoming events.

mentoring news 400x400Become a mentor

Wherever you are living in Alberta, there is an opportunity to become a mentor to a junior practitioner of your profession. If you're interested in sharing your wisdom and expertise with less experienced members and have time for a twice-a-month conversation, you should think about becoming an APEGA mentor


More than 1,500 of our members contribute their time, talent, and energy to APEGA annually, and our volunteers help us thrive and reach the community in ways that wouldn't be possible otherwise. There are three different areas where you can volunteer: serving on committees and boards, providing professional development support, and engaging in outreach activities. Where do you see yourself fitting?

Donate to the APEGA Foundation

The APEGA Foundation celebrates and builds on the tradition of excellence of Alberta's engineering and geoscience professionals. Established in 1996, the Foundation funds STEM-outreach programs, provides financial assistance to students, and encourages more post-secondary capacity. Donate to the APEGA Foundation and invest in the inspired future we share.