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APEGA Female Innovators Join UN Global Initiative

On March 18, a select group of Alberta innovators were chosen to pilot the first Canadian chapter of a coalition empowering women worldwide. The Global Innovation Coalition for Change (GICC) has invited Alissa Boyle, APEGA’s outreach manager, and a number of APEGA members, to advance gender equality and support female innovators under the banner of SHEInnovates Alberta. Group members will act as local role models, work to tackle gender stereotypes, connect with and support female innovators, and raise awareness of innovations developed by women in Alberta.

The GICC was created by UN Women, a United Nations entity dedicated to driving action in gender equality, recognizing the gender gap in technology and innovation, and improving women’s access, participation, and ability to innovate.

Boyle says SHEInnovates Alberta is “amplifying the discussion around women’s ability to contribute to society in innovative and impactful ways. It is important, both ethically and economically, that we ensure we are effectively engaging women in our economy and in our workforce. Diversity—in gender, race, socio-economic status, thought, and all other dimensions of diversity—develops a culture of innovation that is critical to Alberta becoming socially and economically prosperous.”

Through the collaboration of UN Women and key representatives from the private sector, academia and non-profit institutions, the group will achieve the long-term goal of connecting women worldwide and providing women and girls the support they need to be innovators.

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