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APEGA Erupts onto the Big Screen

TWOSE volcanoes

APEGA is proud to sponsor the TELUS World of Science’s IMAX presentation of Volcanoes: The Fires of Creation, an exploration of the way volcanoes have shaped and continue to contribute to some of the Earth’s most fascinating ecosystems.

This family-friendly, attention-grabbing, and highly educational film runs until January 16, 2019.

APEGA members save 10% on the cost of admission.

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APEGA Sponsorship

As part of our sponsorship, we’ve created a short video to spotlight the crucial roles professional engineers and professional geoscientists play in ensuring public safety and shaping Alberta in meaningful ways. This video will precede each showing of Volcanoes.

From creating and ensuring the safety of the cities we live in and the bridges we cross, to mapping the land we live on, and monitoring the natural hazards that threaten us, APEGA’s members play crucial roles in making Alberta a safe and thriving place to live.