2022 APEGA Council Election

It’s election time at APEGA, and candidate names and biographical information are now available. Review these resources so you have all the information needed to cast your vote.

Candidate Information


The president-elect was chosen in 2021 and automatically moves into the presidency.

  • Lisa Doig, P.Eng.

Candidates For President-Elect (Term 2022-23)

You will vote for one candidate in this part of the election.

Three candidates seek the president-elect position for the 2022-23 term. Of the three candidates, the one with the most votes becomes president-elect and the runner-up becomes vice-president. Each term is one year. The president-elect automatically becomes president in 2023, serving a one-year term in that position, followed by a third year on the executive as past-president.

  • Manon Plante, P.Eng.*
  • Tracey Stock, P.Eng. *
  • Darren Hardy, P. Eng.*

Council Candidates

You will vote for five candidates in this part of the election.

There are 11 candidates vying for councillor positions. The four candidates receiving the highest number of votes will serve a three-year term. Depending on the outcome of the executive ;vote, either one or two additional Council seats will be filled using the fifth and sixth highest votes cast.

  • Wendy Shier, P.Geo.*
  • Jonathan Prill, P.Eng.
  • Lorna Harron, P.Eng.*
  • Roya Iranitalab, P.Eng.
  • Vahid Ayan, P.Eng.
  • Ziad Saad, P.Eng.*
  • Dean Mullin, P.Eng.*
  • Jason Vanderzwaag, P.Eng.*
  • Wally Kozak, P.Eng.*
  • Thomas Clarke, P.Geo.
  • Geoffrey Kneller, P.Eng.*

*recommended by the APEGA Nominating Committee

Important Dates

Voting opens: Monday, Feb. 7, at 9 a.m.
Voting closes: Thursday, March 10, at 4:30 p.m.

Polls closed


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