APEGA Election 2020 | Q4: What is the value of a professional licence with APEGA?

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Each candidate in the APEGA Election 2020 answered the same 4 important questions about APEGA, which have been presented together so you, as a voter, can easily contrast each candidate's answers. Thank you for being a savvy voter!

Polls are open from February 3 to March 5, 2020.

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Incoming President

John Van der Put, P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon.)*
The principal benefit of an APEGA licence is the opportunity to practise engineering or geoscience in Alberta and enjoy the value that the public ascribes to the P.Eng or P.Geo designation. Our association ensures that the standards of the engineering and geoscience professions are upheld and that its members have the tools to practise competently so that we can successfully contribute to societal well-being and ensure public safety.

Executive Candidates

Lisa Doig, P.Eng.*
I am proud to be a professional engineer in good standing with APEGA. It means that I meet the highest technical, professional, and ethical standards. Alberta’s engineering and geoscience members are well respected. The work we do makes the world a better place.

Jennifer Enns, P.Eng.*
An APEGA license allows the holder to practice independently in Alberta, and to obtain a license anywhere else in Canada. It tells the public that APEGA has done its due diligence in licensing the member and says the member has a code of ethics, legislation and standards they must follow. Bottom line, it tells the public they are in good hands when dealing with an APEGA member. Additionally, APEGA licenses are well regarded around the world, providing global opportunities.

Brian Pearse, P.Eng.*
Being licensed by APEGA means that you can earn a living by practicing engineering and geoscience. It is your personal brand: it signals to the public, employers, and clients that you are competent and ethical and that you will uphold public safety and the public interest above all else.

Council Candidates

Muyiwa Akinyosoye, P.Eng.
The value of a professional licence is the well being and safety of the general public.

Margaret Allan, P.Eng., P.Geo.*
Maintaining a professional licence with APEGA grants an engineer or geoscientist the right to practice their profession in Alberta. Not only does this bring valued employment income, but also the professional opportunity to contribute knowledge and skills to enhance our province and its communities.

Joseph Amalraj, P.Eng.*
Professional licence with APEGA ensures that an engineer or geoscientist is fully qualified and has enough proven experience to perform his work competently that ensures public safety in Alberta. Professional licence with APEGA affirms the member’s authority in the field and reaffirms the person’s responsibility and accountability to the public.

John Duhault, P.Geo.
A professional license entitles the professional engineer or geoscientist to engage in the practice of engineering or geoscience within the province of Alberta. The value that comes with the license is that it brings certification of education standards and experience, grounded ethics and values from a respected regulator/source that is recognized throughout Canada. The value is also that it identifies to the public and/or investment community that the individual can be trusted to do quality, professional, ethical work, and that they should also be compensated appropriately.

Darren Hardy, P.Eng.*
The value of a professional license with APEGA is the ability to be employed as a professional engineer or geoscientist in Alberta and have your employer know that you are qualified for the role meeting their Professional Practice Management Plan (PPMP) requirements.

Lorna Harron, P.Eng.*
A license with APEGA is required to be classified as a professional engineer or geoscientist. An APEGA license provides a sense of trust that a professional has the necessary skills and competence to perform work. The public needs to be able to trust that the bridge they drive over every day was designed, constructed, and maintained so they will not be in danger from using the bridge.

Geoff Kneller, P.Eng.*
Albertans recognize our professional members for the safe, cost-effective engineering and geoscience services that we provide. That’s why it’s so important for APEGA to exercise its regulatory responsibilities effectively. One of the most important things we do is protect public safety by ensuring that our professions are practiced by skilled, licensed engineers and geoscientists. Let’s use our 100th anniversary year to continue to demonstrate our value with an effective, experienced Council!

RaeAnne Leach, P.Eng.*
The value is in the ability to practice as a professional engineer or geoscientist and do work that makes a difference in society. It is in being part of a professional community, known for honesty, integrity & quality of work, that inspires you to continually learn new things and strive to do better always with the public interest in mind.

Paige Mamer, P.Geo.
I am proud to be part of a profession that is so highly regarded. We and entrusted by the public to do our work, we are leaders in our communities, and we are role models for the younger generation. We all struggle with this question when it comes time to pay our dues. There are so many wonderful APEGA initiatives that many of us aren’t aware of. As a Councillor I would strive to communicate the value of a license with APEGA openly.

Bernd Manz, P.Eng.
Professional license provides the freedom to practice. It is a standard that the public and clients trust with confidence that it will provide desired outcomes and value in the services provided.

Tim Moran, P.Eng.*
The APEGA license is a distinguished title that indicates that an individual or organization not only has the appropriate qualifications to practice but has the practical experience and continued education to meet ever-changing technical and societal expectations.

Ross Plecash, P.Eng.
The APEGA licence demonstrates to the public that a professional has met the entrance standards of the profession; that the professional is bound by standards, regulations, and a Code of Ethics; and that the professional is answerable to professional peers for both performance and conduct. Through this, the professional can demonstrate both competence and integrity, thus earning the trust and respect of the public and the professional’s colleagues.

Jonathan Prill, P.Eng.*
There is no value in any professional licence, unless it is enforced and the public places value in it. When the public understands risks, they also understand the need for qualified people to perform the work. Educating the public on the risks involved in practising engineering or geoscience places value on ensuring the competence of the professionals through regulations and enforcement to control the risks. There is significant room for improvement in less mature or unregulated industries as compared to construction.

Bob Rundle, P.Eng.*
In the most basic sense, a professional license with APEGA allows engineers and geoscientists to practice their profession in Alberta. From a global perspective, it allows engineers and geoscientists from Alberta the ability to travel anywhere in the world and have their professional credentials recognized.

Theresa Watson, P.Eng.*
The value of an APEGA license to the professional is significant. There is prestige in holding a license that has been recognized as requiring high ethical standards on the holder. As a license holder you immediately develop trust and confidence with the public and clients. APEGA has done the vetting process for them and ensures that you have the required expertise. The APEGA license allows members to transfer their expertise easily to other provincial jurisdictions without having to undergo additional training or testing. APEGA offers group benefits for insurance, goods and services.  

Lian Zhao, P.Eng.
As dedicated members in good standing, the membership with APEGA earn the confidence of the public and instill pride. APEGA promotes a business culture of belonging, inclusion, and diversity. Awareness of self-regulating professions and regulatory environments, and thorough knowledge of our governing legislation, make professional practice competitive. The recognized reputation and competency quality to protect the public’s best interest and block non-qualified persons from practice are mandatory.

Polls are open from February 3 to March 5, 2020.

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