APEGA Election 2020 | Q2: What would you bring to Council?

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Each candidate in the APEGA Election 2020 answered the same 4 important questions about APEGA, which have been presented together so you, as a voter, can easily contrast each candidate's answers. Thank you for being a savvy voter!

Polls are open from February 3 to March 5, 2020.

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*recommended by the APEGA Nominating Committee

Incoming President

John Van der Put, P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon.)*
Having served two terms on Council, I ran for President last year because I believed I could leverage my management skills and knowledge of our association to help make the renewal of our legislation a success and to improve the value of APEGA membership.

Executive Candidates

Lisa Doig, P.Eng.*
My career has spanned multiple industries from petrochemical, upstream exploration and production, pipelines, to electricity and downstream oil and gas. Over the past three decades, my responsibilities included project management, regulatory, operations and commercial activities. This breadth of experiences has provided me with an in-depth understanding of the range of roles and issues faced by the APEGA membership.  As an active volunteer with APEGA, I am well versed on APEGA’s operations and the current issues and opportunities so that I can hit the ground running once elected. 

Jennifer Enns, P.Eng.*
I bring over 30 years of professional and relevant volunteer experience. A track record of getting things done through collaboration and relationship building. A solid knowledge of the EGP Act, APEGA publications and boards, I am creative, drive continual improvement, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Brian Pearse, P.Eng.*
I have extensive governance experience and have served on both public and private boards. I have been an APEGA Councillor and Vice-President, the President of the Consulting Engineers of Alberta, and the CEO of a large engineering firm. I have a proven track record of leadership in private practice and achieving priorities while controlling costs. I believe in maintaining strategic agility while pursuing long-range targets. Above all, I bring a passion for APEGA’s success.

Council Candidates

Muyiwa Akinyosoye, P.Eng.
A different but transformational perspective to governance and diversity.The value of a professional licence is the well being and safety of the general public.

Margaret Allan, P.Eng., P.Geo.*
I would bring insights from 6 years on APEGA’s Investigative Committee, working knowledge of various legislation, and a sprinkling of experience in board governance from employment and volunteer roles. I would also bring desire to shape APEGA’s image in a way that appeals to both the public and to new members. As a dually registered member, I am in a position to represent the engineering and geoscience professions.

Joseph Amalraj, P.Eng.*
I have transferrable skills that I have gained in my past 39 years of global experience in engineering and soft skills such as mentoring/coaching, networking, leadership, and team-building skills which I would bring to Council.

John Duhault, P.Geo.
I will bring a good listener and leader, who is connected to a broad range of individual professional members, from new grads to 60-year experience consultants within the province of Alberta and beyond Canada’s borders. My previous board experiences will help me to provide strategic planning, governance and management skills to the Council table.

Darren Hardy, P.Eng.*
My experience on APEGA council over the past four years, including as the audit committee chair has allowed me to have a good understanding of the role APEGA plays and the challenges it faces. I also bring a strong governance background and experience in strategic planning, having been a board member of a large energy company. Most of all, I bring a transparent and honest approach to leadership that I have developed in a variety of management roles.

Lorna Harron, P.Eng.*
With over 20 years of experience, I bring a depth of knowledge in my profession and a strong desire to secure the professions for the future. I have worked with APEGA as past-Chair of Women in APEGA, so I bring an understanding of APEGA structure and operation, in addition to priority areas. I have a strong volunteering background and am passionate about giving back to my professional community.

Geoff Kneller, P.Eng.*
The most important skill I bring to Council is experience volunteering on our regulatory committees. I think it’s important that we have as much regulatory experience on Council as we can get, because we still have a lot of work to do to obtain a new Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act in Alberta. My experience in enforcing our current Act will be critical in engaging with government to bring a new Act before the legislature.

RaeAnne Leach, P.Eng.*
As a young female professional, born & raised in the Peace Country, I bring diversity and a necessary perspective from outside of Edmonton & Calgary. I also bring a great ability to listen, creative-thinking and the skills to work as a team. Having served on APEGA Council for the past three years I also bring considerable knowledge of the organization, the EGP Act, and board experience.

Paige Mamer, P.Geo.
I bring a variety of perspectives and experiences to APEGA. I have a master’s degree in engineering and am working as a geoscientist. I’ve been a professional member, permit holder, and responsible member with APEGA. I’ve worked in oil and gas and mining for service companies, consultancies, large operators, and run my own business. In my current role, I am a facilitator; I listen to clients’ needs and find ways to meet them. I would do the same for APEGA, listening to feedback and raising important issues at Council.

Bernd Manz, P.Eng.
I will bring to the APEGA Council a sound understanding of good governance practices, proven leadership and successful advocacy, as well as an appreciation of the value that APEGA brings to the public and our members.

Tim Moran, P.Eng.*
My engineering career has provided me with experience from the field to the office, working with all disciplines of engineers and geoscientist, allowing me to understand the scope of most of the APEGA professionals it regulates. As a current member of the APEGA Discipline Committee I understand current APEGA governance model, Act, and Regulations. Through my years in management roles, member of various committees, and program development I have a proven strategic planning and governance development process using risk analysis that allows for consistent, focused and effective execution.

Ross Plecash, P.Eng.
My background and experience in the regulation of many professions in multiple jurisdictions, coupled with my board leadership experience has made me aware of many best practices which could serve to improve both APEGA and Council. My formal training in fiscal management and in the interpretation and application of legislation can help ensure efficient, cost-effective, and minimally-invasive regulation.

Jonathan Prill, P.Eng.*
A broad perspective. I grew up on a farm and have industrial equipment experience and an entrepreneurial spirit. I worked as a senior level engineer and leader for a large oil and gas equipment manufacturer and directed a diverse team of experts creating innovative and novel solutions to industry problems. I completed my MBA at the University of Alberta and apply that knowledge to my engineering firm. The drilling and downhole industry is under-represented on Council, and I will highlight specific challenges facing us.

Bob Rundle, P.Eng.*
For the past two years, I have leveraged the experience of working directly with APEGA and members at the branch level to contribute to and guide policy development that has made APEGA a more effective regulator. I will continue to engage members at the branch level and bring their concerns to the attention of Council for consideration when developing policy.

Theresa Watson, P.Eng.*
I bring vision and curiosity. I believe that knowledge and understanding of the past helps to envision what the future could look like. My curiosity and experience in risk and governance helps me imagine what could be while keeping a wary eye out for the pitfalls. 

Lian Zhao, P.Eng.
The most worthwhile commitment is to embrace service to the public and the practices of engineering and geoscience at the upper-most tier of APEGA governance and make more contributions to a Council facing the challenges of low oil prices and economic difficulties. My education, six years of volunteering, and executive management experience are great assets for the Council. It is essential for me to run and serve our professionals more. APEGA Council determines the strategic direction of the organization.

Polls are open from February 3 to March 5, 2020.

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