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Volunteer to Support the Professional Development of Others

APEGA hosts different events that help engineering and geoscience students and new graduates expand their professional knowledge, competence, and skills. APEGA also offers seminars that explain the process of becoming a Responsible Member and a Permit Holder. This is a great opportunity to use your skill set to help foster the career growth and professional development of current and future fellows in the engineering and geoscience professions.

For more information on these opportunities, contact the Volunteer Management Coordinator at volunteer@apega.ca.

Leading a PD Seminar at the APEGA Conference

Facilitate Career Development and Share Soft Skills

When you volunteer to lead and support professional development events, you give new and future members access to the critical skills they need for the current job market and their careers. Human Resources professionals and members with hiring experience are encouraged to apply for these opportunities.


Conference Room Host for PD Sessions

Volunteers needed: Accepting applications for April 2020 

We are looking for volunteers for the upcoming APEGA Annual General Meeting and Professional Development (PD) Conference, which brings together delegates from across Alberta and beyond with a stimulating program that speaks to the future of engineering and geoscience. As a dynamic volunteer, you will be introducing the presenters of a PD session at the conference, as well as helping out with housekeeping tasks, such as attendee registration.

Date: April 2020 (2 different dates)


  • Professional member or member-in-training of APEGA
  • Comfortable with public speaking
  • Dynamic personality with high energy
  • Ability to facilitate discussion

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Mentoring Program

APEGA hosts formal mentoring partnerships between experienced Professional Members and less-experienced members. Regular meetings between pairs support work-related learning and development for Professional Engineers and Professional Geoscientists.


  • Be an APEGA Professional Member (practising or non-practising)
    • Professional Engineer
    • Professional Geoscientist
    • Professional Licensee
    • Life Member
  • Be a member in good standing with APEGA
    • no outstanding dues or fees
    • no active disciplinary actions
  • Adhere to APEGA standards
  • Complete the online application form
  • Complete the online orientation videos

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Virtual Resume Reviewer

Volunteers needed: 50+

Professional engineers, professional geoscientists, and Human Resources professionals with formal hiring experience are invited to review students' resumes virtually at a time and place that is convenient to you. The goal is to provide insightful information to help each student create an outstanding resume.


  • P.Eng., P.Geo., or Human Resources professional
  • Experience in reviewing resumes in a professional hiring capacity
  • Willingness to share your knowledge and experience with young people

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Share Regulatory Knowledge and Technical Skills

When you volunteer to deliver APEGA's pre-developed seminars, you will be able to inform applicants of the licensure process and to inform members and companies of the prerequisites and responsibilities of Permit Holders. Members with experience in public speaking and teaching are encouraged to apply for these opportunities.


No current volunteer opportunities

There are no volunteer openings of this type right now. Check back again later!