Volunteer as a judge for the University of Alberta Engineering Competitions

The annual University of Alberta Engineering Competitions are coming up again and the Engineering Students' society is seeking judges for each of the eight categories of competition.

Volunteer Position Description


The primary objective of this volunteer position is to assess the strengths and competitiveness of students in each of the eight categories. Winners from each category will have the opportunity to be selected to represent the U of A at provincial and national competitions.

DateNovember 2, 2019
TimeTo be determined
LocationUniversity of Alberta

Note: No free parking is available on-site. However, parking is available at the Windsor Car park, 2 buildings away from the event location. On the date of the event, parking will cost a small fee of $5.50

The Eight Categories

Consulting: Competitors must design a detailed solution to a large-scale engineering problem. The proposal must be made in a way that promotes the solution to potential clients (in the form of judges). Competitors must demonstrate resourcefulness while acting in good faith with the spirit of the competition.

Impromptu debate: Competitors will be presented with various topics associated with engineering or general knowledge. For example, “The Legal Drinking Age Should Be Lowered.” One team (the proposition) will present a principle statement or plan case convincing the judges of the merits of this statement. The competing team (the opposition) will explain how the proposition’s points are fallacious and how the principle or plan is bad in general. No prior research or notes are permitted, and the debates are expected to be understood by the average person.

Innovative design: Prepared entirely outside the realm of the Western Engineering Competition. Competitors choose their own topic, prepare research, and develop a design. The designs must be new and innovative and address a void in society.

Junior Design: This competition challenges junior (first- or second-year) engineering students to design and build a prototype to address a technical problem. The Junior Team Design category is similar to that of Senior Team Design. However, with emphasis on prototype functionality rather and design theory.

Programming: Competitors must create a program which solves the presented problem.

Re-engineering: Students will be required to apply the re-engineering process to an existing gadget or mechanism in order to add new functionality to it or enhance its original functionality. The intent of these changes will be to improve the original device and/or extend the use of the device to an alternate situation or use case.

Senior Design: Competitors must design a solution and build a prototype to address a technical problem.

Engineering Communications: Teams of one or two competitors must describe a complicated technical process or issue in terms that the general public can understand. Evaluation is based on the competitor’s public speaking skills and the ability to persuade their audience.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Judges must be familiar with one of the eight listed categories
  • Engineering experience
  • Open to all members, non-members, and general public


  • All event judges will be provided with a catered lunch
  • Opportunity to network with other professionals
  • Demonstrate pride in the professions
  • Inspire the next generation of engineers and geoscientists

How to Apply

Contact George Felobes, Director of Competitions under the Engineering Students' Society, by email or phone 780-710-7095.

Email George Felobes