Volunteer as a NPPE Question Author

The purpose of this position is to produce new, high-quality examination questions to add to the National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE) item bank to be used on future administrations of the NPPE.

Volunteer Position Description

Reporting Structure

This position reports to Greg Pope, Director, Examinations.


  • Obtain training on how to write high-quality examination questions and to use online authoring tool
  • Regularly (i.e., monthly) write an agreed-upon number of questions using an online question authoring tool
  • Provide review input, when requested, on questions written in the item bank
  • Provide professional input, when requested, on NPPE item development related activities (e.g., group question review, standard setting)

Skills and Qualifications

  • Professional licenced engineer or geoscientist registered with Alberta or another Canadian association
  • Strong English language skills used to write high-quality examination questions
  • Working knowledge of professionalism, law, and ethics as outlined in the NPPE scope and syllabus

Term of Office

One year, renewable annually


This is a remote opportunity. Each volunteer is required to contribute a minimum of 5 questions per month (5-8 hours per month on average). Can exceed 8 hours if volunteer would like to contribute more.

  • Work can be performed remotely via the Internet.
  • There will be opportunities to network with fellow item authors, such as quarterly webinars and annual face-to-face gatherings.

For more information, email the Volunteer Management Coordinator at [email protected].