Volunteer as an Enforcement Review Committee Member

The Enforcement Review Committee is a vital part of APEGA's regulatory framework. This statutory board enforces compliance with the provisions in Part 1 of the EGP Act, subject to the direction of Council or their designated staff. APEGA's Compliance division engages individuals, companies, or entities that use reserved titles, represent entitlement to practice, or are practicing engineering or geoscience within the province of Alberta without an APEGA license or permit.

Volunteer Position Description

Reporting Structure

Enforcement Review Committee (ERC) members report to the Director of Compliance, who is accountable for the ERC. The committee shall report to Council through the Registrar and CEO with regards to the following items

  1. Compliance case outcomes for the cases brought forward to the ERC for endorsement to initiate legal action.
  2. Advice offered on interpretation, clarification and boundaries of the EGP Act with regards to practice definitions for identified compliance cases.
  3. Resolutions around concerns regarding the APEGA compliance process, policies, and procedures.


Professional engineer, professional geoscientist, or member-in-training in good standing as a member of APEGA.


All ERC volunteer members commit to:

  • attend and actively participate in all scheduled ERC meetings, which are currently held in September, November, February, April, and June.
  • review ERC agenda material in advance of each meeting and be knowledgeable and able to constructively comment during ERC meetings about compliance cases that require ERC endorsement prior to taking legal action. Agendas will be available at least one week prior to each ERC meeting.
  • bring forward any concerns about compliance cases that may proceed to legal action.
  • be knowledgeable about APEGA compliance processes, policies, and procedures, and bring forward any concerns to the attention of APEGA compliance staff for consideration.
  • offer advice, when requested, on interpretation, clarification and boundaries of the EGP Act in the context of practice definitions for identified compliance cases.  
  • positively represent APEGA externally, encouraging both APEGA members and the public to report potential violations of the EGP Act.
  • follow and adhere to all APEGA volunteer policies, including the Travel and Expense Claim policy, Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation policy, and Privacy policy.
  • record their related volunteer hours.

Term of Office

Three years (renewable), with terms running from September to June.

Average Time Commitment

Preparation and attendance of five ERC meetings per year, including:

  • reading through the agenda and materials (approximately 2 hours)
  • attendance at ERC meetings (approximately 2-4 hours)


This is a volunteer position and has no monetary benefits. Volunteers may be reimbursed for expenses incurred as part of this volunteer position, subject to the approved APEGA Travel and Expense Claim policy. Volunteers will also be part of the APEGA volunteer management system and as such accrue volunteer service credits. Volunteer participation may also be claimed as part of APEGA's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) annual requirements for active and participating license holders.

Participation on this committee will also allow volunteers to enhance the following skills:

  • Increased appreciation and knowledge of the Profession's regulatory obligations and legal authorities.
  • Increased governance experience.
  • Understanding of Alberta's legal system.  
  • Growth in individual's business network.

For more information, email the Volunteer Management Coordinator at [email protected].